Typically, a plastic surgeon will charge you by the procedure, with an added fee for anesthesia, the surgicenter, the recovery facility, the fillers, the laser and on and on.  We make it simple. We have one fee, all inclusive. Our fees are based on the amount of time your procedures will take, with built in travel, hotel, concierge, garments, and medical spa therapy. We have club membership to  medical spa therapies and offer "privacy" options where a client may have exclusive access to the facilities with no other clients in the facility at the same time.

All you need to do is to consult with our aesthetic concierge, select the care plan right for you, and let us do the work for your beauty vacation.

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We know you want the best cosmetic result possible. Here's how we select the best plastic surgeons. First we have surgeons who went to the best American schools, trained with the best mentors, have 15 years or more experience, and frequently do the same cosmetic procedures. There is no substitute for training with the best, or for time spent on the job. All of our award winning surgeons are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

       Our plastic surgeons have practices based on word of mouth referrals- as that is the best advertising. Our surgeons are meticulous in every detail in preparing you for surgery, from pre-op screening to garments and medications, to anesthesia and recovery protocols. Our plastic surgeons will be honest in appraising your need for surgery.  Our surgeons will offer discretion in all areas, as no-one else needs to know your personal needs. Last, we directly observe the surgeon work, as that is the only way to know for sure their true surgical abilities.

     Or to sum it up, our plastic surgeon are the ones who we would want to work on our own family, and who treats you like they would want to be treated.  Find out more about two of our elite surgeons now.

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